UBIAI’s annotation platform is a potent resource for expeditious and efficient data labeling, custom NLP model training, and deployment. It boasts an OCR Annotation tool for superior data labeling quality, facilitating seamless team collaboration. The platform incorporates model-assisted labeling, document classification, named entity extraction, and multilingual annotation. Remarkably, it simplifies OCR annotation, and clients enjoy substantial benefits such as a 50-80% reduction in annotation time, 5X cost savings in custom NLP model testing, and a 12X reduction in manual annotations. This platform adeptly handles complex annotation tasks, including data extraction from scanned images and PDFs. The auto-labeling feature expedites NLP projects, while the pre-annotation function accelerates project initiation. Customers can generate training data and export models in various formats, making UBIAI an all-encompassing solution for NLP requirements.

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