The AI Income Database

AI-Based Affiliate Sites

Create a blog about an affiliate product. Use generative AI text tools like Jasper or to write a lot of blog posts and persuassive content about the product that you’re promoting. You can also copy and paste the text from the products sales page into a tool like chatGPT and ask it to summarize the product. Use the summary as a blog post. You can also have it create lists of features, benefits, pros and cons, and more. Endless content ideas for a dedicated affiliate site.

Recommended Tools:      Copy.AI     Jasper     Fliki

Children’s Book Author

Use ChatGPT to write the story for you and then use MidJourney or Stable Diffusion to create the images for the pages. You can then sell your book through Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) platform in both digital and physical copies.

Recommended Tools:      ChatGPT (OpenAI)     Midjourney

Clean Up Images For People

There are a ton of AI-based tools that will allow you to remove unwanted items from images, remove backgrounds, and upscale pixelated images. There are even tools that will remove any sort of watermarks that are embedded into images. You can offer a service to clean-up and restore photos for people using one or a combination of these tools.

Recommended Tools:     Watermark Remover     Upscale-media     Gigapixel AI     ClipDrop

Convert YouTube videos to TikToks

Find some YouTubers that are trying to grow their channel, reach out and offer to manage their TikTok for them, and use cool AI tools to effortlessly repurpose their content for them. Charge them a fair price, save them time, and stack as many clients as you can handle. This service is highly in-demand!

Recommended Tools:      ClipMaker

Create Adult Coloring Books

In Midjourney, you can use the “coloring book” prompt to get black and white images that are not colored in. You can create a series of these images in a specific theme, combine them into a book and publish them with a print-on-demand platoform. You can then sell the coloring books on Amazon, Etsy, or your own ecommerce store.

Recommended Tools:      Midjourney

Create Niche AI-generated Art T-Shirts

Sites like Printful and Printify make it really easy to sell “print-on-demand” t-shirts. If you can pick out a niche of rabid buyers, you can easily generate a ton of designs using tools like MidJourney or InstantArt.

Recommended Tools:      Midjourney     InstantArt

Create Slide Decks For Companies

Tools like Tome allow you to enter a topic and they will generate an entire slide deck based on that topic. It will write the text for the slides and use AI to generate relevant images for each slide. Video Sales Letters (VSLs) and webinars are hot among the digital marketing community. Save them a bunch of time by selling the service of creating the slide decks for them.

Recommended Tools:      Tome     SlidesAI

Create a “No Face” YouTube Channel

Pick a popular niche that gets a lot of views on YouTube using a tool like VidIQ. Then use a tool like Tome or Canva to create the visuals. Use a text-to-speech generator to have your audio voiced out and then edit them all together for free in Davinci Resolve. Boom… You’ve got a method for cranking out “no face” YouTube videos that can generate AdSense revenue.

Recommended Tools:      vidIQ     TubeBuddy    Tome    Fliki

Manage Advertising Campaigns

Use tools like AdCreative AI to create high-quality ads for Facebook and sell ad management as a service. Ad Creative will write the copy, find the perfect image, and help with the targeting. You just need to find clients and run the software on their behalf.

Recommended Tools:

Podcast Shownotes Creator

Use one of the podcast tools that automatically listens to a podcast, summarizes it and then writes shownotes. Proofread the work before sending it off to your client.

Recommended Tools:      Deciphr AI     Melville

Sell AI Art on Etsy

You can sell digital prints on Etsy. Search Etsy to see what’s currently selling well. Use MidJourney or Stable Diffusion to create images that are similar to the ones that are selling well. Upscale them using an AI image upscaler tool. Upload them to Etsy and use ChatGPT to write persuassive descriptions of the art that you’re trying to sell. You can even grab existing descriptions from similar art and ask ChatGPT to rewrite them for you.

Recommended Tools:      Midjourney    Upscale-media    ChatGPT (OpenAI)

Sell Copywriting Services

Use one of the many AI copywriting tools that’s available out there and let it write copy for you. You can target ecommerce stores, info-marketers, or SaaS companies and offer to write high-converting copy for them. Leverage the AI tools to write the rough draft and then “punch up” the copy. You can even copy and paste their existing copy and get the tools to do a rewrite it. Offer the service on Upwork, Fiverr, or to your social media following

Recommended Tools:      Jasper      Copy.AI

Sell Social Media Management

Offer to manage company’s social media for them. Use ChatGPT to generate relevant posts and tweets for their account. You can use tools like Replai to even comment on other relevant Twitter accounts and have it generate the perfect AI-generated response. This will seriously boost some Twitter accounts and be very valuable to the right clients!

Recommended Tools:      Replai     TweetEmote     Tweet Hunter     Tweet Assist App

Sell Stock Images to Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock allows AI-generated images. You can use a tool like MidJourney or Stable Diffusion and generate images of commonly searched for stock photos, things like business people, landscapes, and representations of current events. You can submit them to Adobe Stock and earn a commission when someone uses your image.

Recommended Tools:      Midjourney    Gigapixel AI     Upscale-media     Wirestock

Sell Voiceover Impressions on Fiverr

You can use a tool like to modulate your voice to sound like a famous person. For example, you can make yourself sound like Morgan Freeman, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, or Donald Trump. You can offer to do impressions on Fiverr and use this tool to record and transform your voice.

Recommended Tools:

Sell YouTube Thumbnail Creation

Every single YouTube thumbnail I’ve created since October ’22 has been generated with AI. You can use MidJourney to enter a prompt related to what your video is about and let the AI generate the perfect image. You can then pull it into Canva to add text and additional graphics. You can sell this service on Fiverr, Upwork, your social following, or anywhere else you might find buyers of YouTube thumbnails.

Recommended Tools:      Midjourney    Canva Image Generator

Sell Your Best AI Prompts

The concept of “Prompt Engineering” is quickly entering the mainstream. I never thought I’d see it, but people are actually selling access to their best prompts, and making really good money doing it as well. Tools like PromptBase are popping up where you can list your best image generation prompts for sale for a few bucks… And people are buying them like crazy. Some prompts are even selling in the hundreds of dollars.

Recommended Tools:      PromptBase

YouTube Optimization Specialist

Tools like CreatorML and VidIQ will analyze a YouTube channel and give suggestions on how to improve it. CreatorML will even allow you to plugin multiple titles and thumbnails so that it can analyze them and use AI to predict with combination of title and thumbnail are likely to receive the highest click-throughs

Recommended Tools:      TubeBuddy    vidIQ     CreatorML