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Important points to consider before submitting:
  1. Take a Moment to Search: Prior to submitting your tool, take a quick look around the site to make sure it isn’t already listed.
  2. Manual Review Process: Every submission goes through a manual review process before it’s published on the site. Please keep this in mind.
  3. Affiliate Links and URLs: Avoid submitting tools with affiliate links; they won’t be approved. Also, use direct URLs instead of shortened links like
  4. No Newsletters, Only Tools: Our focus is solely on tools, not newsletters. Please refrain from submitting newsletters.
  5. Include “https://”: Ensure you include “https://” before your URL for proper review.
  6. “Waitlist” Tools: Currently, we’re not accepting “waitlist”-only tools, unless you’ve discussed it with blogger previously.
  7. Stricter Approval Standards: Our approval criteria have become more stringent. Not all submissions will be approved. We’re particularly interested in unique AI tools and innovative use-cases.
  8. Avoid Repetition: We won’t approve poorly designed websites, tools that are already commonplace, new tool aggregators, adult content sites, or suspicious-looking websites.
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