10 Leading Midjourney Alternatives – A Comparative Review of Prominent AI Drawing Platforms

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Midjourney, as a frontrunner among AI online drawing platforms, has garnered immense user appreciation. Its journey from being entirely free to introducing paid plans reflects its growing user base. However, due to its widespread use, the platform has faced congestion issues, which have resulted in a decline in the user experience. With the prevalence of AI drawing platforms, a plethora of Midjourney alternatives, many of which are free and offer high-quality text-to-image drawing services, have emerged. These alternatives include Stable Diffusion, Dall E, Leonardo, and more. In this article, we will explore and evaluate ten mainstream AI drawing websites.

Leonardo.AiDall-EFotorStarryAiShutterstockDreamlike.ArtLexica.ArtNightcafe StudioPhotosonicWOMBO Dream

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1,Leonardo – The Simple Artistry:

For those seeking a simple way to create high-quality digital art, Leonardo stands out. It offers various finely-tuned models based on the Stable Diffusion framework. For instance, Leonardo Diffusion, which is based on Sd 2.0 training, generates high-contrast images with a strong artistic flair.

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Deliberate, based on Sd 1.5 training, excels at producing realistic, richly colored character images

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while Cute Animal is ideal for cartoon-style animals.

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Leonardo also provides a lot of models that you can try yourself, Leonardo registration method is very simple, you only need to use a Google account to log in directly, in addition to Leonardo also provides the image generation, intelligent retouching model training and other functions, you can also get tips and creative inspiration on the platform, I will share another article about Leonardo’s operation methods, and students who are interested can pay attention.

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2,Dall E – OpenAI’s Text-to-Image Magic:

Dall E, an OpenAI text-to-image model, you can use your Microsoft Google account to log in directly, Dall E operation method is very simple, you only need to enter the command in the dialog box without adding negative words entries can generate the corresponding image

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In addition, you can also upload images from the local image generation function or use random prompt words to generate images, according to the actual test of the Dall E2 trial page is not stable, If you like this model, you can also use Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator, because Microsoft’s new Bing search engine adopts the latest Dall E model to generate more exquisite images. However, Microsoft image creators are still only able to output one-to-one images and the model is not suitable for portrait creation due to a lack of training on the character

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3,Fotor – Beyond Image Editing:

Fotor, a comprehensive online image editing website, recently added an AI toolbox. It offers text-to-image and image-to-image services

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Use any social media account to sign in directly, Fotor also provides a random Prompt you can use your own prompt command to enter the prompt in the dialog box and the system will generate the corresponding image

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Set a column on the right side you can adjust the number of generated images, and you can choose different types of styles, in addition, you can also click the edit button to complete the background removal, image quality enhancement, crop object removal, etc. The use of cartoon portrait function is also very simple to upload an image from the local select the corresponding template you can automatically get a group of cartoon avatar

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While Fotor provides a user-friendly experience, its trial points are limited, and further usage may require payment.

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4,Starry Ai – AI Artistry for All:

Starrystarry Ai supports both mobile and desktop operation. Login to the background, input any prompt words on the left, set the ratio, select a style, and a set of images are generated. Click on the lower right corner of the Upscale is up to 16 times magnified, so all in all, the effect is good

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Like most platforms, Starry Ai offers 5 free credits per day, after which you can increase the number of times you use it by completing small tasks or purchasing methods, but there is still a certain gap between Starry Ai and Leonardo in terms of overall image quality

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5,Shutterstock – AI in the Image Library:

Shutterstock is a large gallery site and recently launched an Ai drawing feature, you can enter a command in the dialog box and select any art style, log in with your social media account to try out the trial version log in and enter the command to select any style to get the corresponding image,Shutterstock uses an earlier Dall E model, which produces images of lower quality than the Dall E2 model used by Microsoft

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6,Dreamlike Art – A Dream for Creatives:

Dreamlike provides a variety of models can be used to generate different types of images,Dreamlike model based on the creation of Sd, free users can get 100 points a day, select a model respectively input positive and negative descriptors set the image proportion number consumption of a certain number of points can generate images

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After the drawing of the image, you can also choose to enlarge the image, complete the facial repair of the character, click the Variation option, you can also generate more similar images based on the original image, in short, you can use Dreamlike as a simplified version of Stable Diffusion. Rich models with enough free points and comprehensive features are one of the best alternatives to Midjourney

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7,Lexica Art – Stable Diffusion Search Engine:

lexica is a simple and easy-to-use Stable Diffusion search engine where you can get the image material and positive and negative prompt words. Select Generate above and input positive and negative prompt words and the system will generate a set of images. Due to the lack of fine-adjustment model like Lora, the effect on the facial portrayal of Asian women is not satisfactory. However, the advantage of Lexica is that it has a rich library and can generate images quickly

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8,Nightcafe – Artistic Exploration with Sd Xl:

Nightcafe studio is an SD-based online drawing platform and you can experience the latest Stable Diffusion Xl model for free. You can log in to the background and select Sd Xl Beta model on the left side and enter the prompt words to get a set of images. You can also choose different drawing styles. However, when Nightcafe runs out of free credits, you need to buy extra credits

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9,Photosonic – A Draws a Day:

Photosonic is a drawing tool under the Writesonic AI writing platform. Free users receive five drawing opportunities daily by inputting prompts in the dialog box.


10,Dream By Wombo – AI Drawing on Mobile:

Dream is a mobile drawing app that simplifies AI drawing. Users can generate images by entering commands and selecting a style. Additionally, they can utilize the image search feature by uploading an image.

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These ten alternatives to Midjourney provide various options for AI drawing, catering to different preferences and requirements. Whether you seek simplicity, high-quality art, or specific image styles, these platforms offer intriguing possibilities.