AI Artists: A Guide to Monetizing AI Drawing Tools on Fiverr

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The AI Artistic Wave:AI’s Impact on Traditional Platforms

In the backdrop of the AI-driven design platforms like Midjourney and Dall E2, numerous websites not dependent on AI, such as freelancing platforms, stock image repositories, and print-on-demand (POD) services, have felt the seismic impact. For example, renowned commercial stock image platform Shutterstock, in a bid to safeguard the rights of its contracted artists and designers, has taken a stand against AI-generated artwork uploads. However, this doesn’t signify a retreat from AI technology. Shutterstock, while preserving its existing business model, has embarked on a collaboration with Open AI and LG, adopting cutting-edge AI design models that enable users to create their images. In contrast, Adobe Stock, a subsidiary of Adobe, adopts a more progressive stance towards AI. Adobe Stock allows anyone, under authorization, to upload and sell AI-generated artwork.

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Fiverr’s Response to the AI Revolution

Fiverr, the freelancing platform, has swiftly adapted to the AI revolution by introducing a dedicated category named “AI Artists” for various AI-related services. Delving into this category reveals a high demand for AI-related services and substantial transaction volumes. For POD platforms, AI-generated images are ideal design assets. Many websites provide users with commercial licensing, allowing them to easily design clothing and sell it on various POD platforms with just a line of code. With the advent of Midjourney V4, even ordinary individuals can create imaginative and stunning artworks. Traditional artists, irrespective of their proficiency, may soon find themselves surpassed by these machines in terms of efficiency and creativity. AI represents a technological upgrade that is poised to disrupt the operational models of traditional websites. As digital marketers, it’s crucial that we fully explore the money-making opportunities presented by AI and stay ahead in the AI race.

Earning on Fiverr: Selling Services and Artwork

Today, I will introduce three methods for earning money using AI drawing tools:

1,Selling Services and Artwork on Fiverr

Users who have used AI drawing services like Midjourney often encounter difficulties. If they can’t provide proper descriptions, the generated images may not meet their expectations. As a result, many beginners seek assistance on freelancing websites or hire AI drawing experts to help them design images. For example, you can offer a service called “Make and Upgrade Anime Art” on Fiverr, where you help beginners create anime images for a fee. As a Fiverr seller, you can add a cover image, a description, and use AI tools to create exquisite images as per the buyer’s requirements, earning $10 per order. I have previously explained this process in an earlier article; you can learn more here(Unlocking Earnings on Fiverr).

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You can also offer a service called “Turn Your Photo into Cartoon,” where you use Midjourney, Dall E2, or any AI tool to transform images into cartoons, again earning $10 per order.

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2,Monetizing AI Artwork on Stock Image Platforms

Shutterstock and Adobe Stock are globally recognized stock image platforms where photographers and designers can sell their work. However, with the advancement of AI drawing software, the business models of these platforms are facing unprecedented challenges. Although Shutterstock does not allow the upload of machine-generated images, Adobe Stock permits creators with authorization to sell their AI-generated artwork.

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Now, let me guide you on how to earn money through Adobe Stock. First, visit Adobe’s official website and search for the keywords “Generative AI Content.” Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions, which are quite numerous. In summary, you must have complete copyright, which means having commercial licenses for the use of the website. Avoid infringing on others’ copyrights, and when submitting work based on real-life objects, ensure you have proper authorization.

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After understanding the terms, you can start uploading your work. Log in with your Google account, go to the backend, click “Upload Your Work,” and tick the option that says “This image was created with the assistance of artificial intelligence.” Then, add keywords and descriptions and click the submit button. Your work will be listed on Adobe Stock, and if someone purchases it, you will receive a commission. image23 11image24 10 image25 11 image26 11

3,Making Money with AI on Print-on-Demand Platforms

Platforms like Redbubble, TeeSpring, and Printify primarily allow users to design clothing and merchandise with their own AI-generated artwork. Using Redbubble as an example, you can upload your work, apply it to various products such as phone cases, posters, clothing, and mousepads, and earn a commission when people purchase your designs. Here’s a simple demonstration of the process: Start by registering an account and logging into the backend of your Redbubble account. Click your profile picture, select “Sell Your Art,” click “Add New Work,” and upload an image. The system will automatically apply this image to a range of products, including phone cases, posters, clothing, and mousepads.You can customize the image’s placement, size, background color, and other details for each product.

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After you’ve finished designing your products, you need to set up your store and add your payment method. I’ve previously explained how to use Redbubble in more detail in a previous article; you can learn more here(Monetize Your AI Artwork on Redbubble).Once you’ve completed the basic setup, your products will be displayed in your Redbubble store. Whenever someone likes your products and makes a purchase, you’ll receive a commission.It is important to note that you should always use your own original work whenever you sell on any print-on-demand platform because unlicensed images can cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

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The rise of AI in the world of art has created a new frontier for both creators and consumers. It’s clear that AI and human creativity can coexist, offering a multitude of opportunities for those who are quick to adapt. Fiverr’s “AI Artists” category is just one example of how the digital marketplace is evolving to accommodate AI-powered services. Whether you’re an AI enthusiast or an artist looking to embrace this technological wave, the world of AI artists holds immense potential for passive income. As we’ve explored in this guide, Fiverr is one platform that’s already paving the way. Stay curious, keep learning, and venture into the world of AI artistry—it may just be your path to financial success.