Monetize Your AI Artwork: A Guide to Selling on POD Platforms

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The Rise of AI Technology

In today’s tech-savvy world, the battleground for AI supremacy between giants like Microsoft and Google has been stealing the limelight. While AI technology continues to advance, the introduction of tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney has made AI a hot topic in the news. But it’s not just the tech giants who are benefiting from AI; people across various industries are leveraging this technology to enhance their efficiency and translate technology into productivity and profitability.

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The Emergence of AIGC in 2023

However, despite the remarkable advancements in AI technology, many are still uncertain about how to harness this power effectively. The year 2023 marks a significant turning point in the global tech landscape as AI takes center stage. Concepts like AIGC, led by ChatGPT and midjourney, have become emblematic of the era. This surge in AI adoption has opened up new opportunities for innovation, one of which is the monetization of AI-generated art through Print-on-Demand (POD) platforms.

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Print-on-Demand (POD) Platforms

Print-on-demand allows designers to create products with popular elements that respond to market trends. They can then commission POD platforms to produce, sell, and distribute these products. Consumers can purchase personalized and fashionable items on these platforms, while artists receive a portion of the proceeds. The beauty of POD platforms is that they welcome users from all around the world, making them a global creative hub.

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AI-Powered Creativity

Even if you lack drawing skills or design experience, you can now easily profit from POD platforms, thanks to tools like midjourney. Before 2023, when AI graphic tools were not available, individuals without artistic skills found it challenging to profit from peer-to-peer platforms. This was primarily due to strict copyright management on POD platforms. If you uploaded non-original content, your products would be taken down, and your account could be closed.

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Now, with tools like midjourney, you can create original, non-repetitive, and commercially usable images with just a simple command. This means that even if you have no drawing skills, you can generate original artwork that is market-ready without the risk of copyright infringement.

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Creating and Selling Art on Redbubble: A POD Leader

One of the most well-known POD platforms is Redbubble. Let’s explore how you can design artwork using midjourney and sell it on Redbubble:

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1,Start by using midjourney to design colorful images. Enter the command “Magic colorful Forest with sunlight ultra detailed–ar 2:3” to generate four different images. Choose one and click “upscale” to enlarge it. Save the image to your computer.

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2,Then create a free account on Redbubble and log in. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and select “Sell your art” to enter the setup page. Redbubble’s selling process has three steps: first, upload your artwork; second, create a store; and third, add payment methods.Now,let us follow this structure step by step:

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Start by selecting “Create products,” click “Add designs,” and upload the image you created earlier. Provide a title, tags, and description for the artwork to help potential buyers find it quickly.

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You can also preview how the image looks on different products. Click the “Edit” button under the T-shirt section to design the clothing. Use the color palette to see how the image looks on different backgrounds, adjust the image’s size and position under “Size on product,” and make any other necessary adjustments.

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It is worth noting that Midjourney can only generate images with 2K resolution, which cannot meet the highest quality requirements of redbubble. Therefore, even if we choose 100% scale, the image will be too small, so we need to use another image magnification software. google search and click into Aimages to upload images Select image magnification feature and select 4x magnification. Waiting for a few minutes the system will increase the resolution of the image by 4 times without affecting the quality of the image, and the image resolution after the enhancement can reach 8k,And then we can upload the image to redbubble and see what it looks like in action, set the color to black and now we’re free to stretch and move the image.

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In addition, this image can also be used to make products such as mouse pad, mobile phone case, throw pillow, etc. You can try it yourself. After completing the design, select Digital Art and Mature content in the category column at the bottom and select NO. Finally, check the terms to prove that you own the copyright and click save work. Thus a design piece is completed. image25 6 image26 6

In addition to original works, if you come across a design you like, you can create similar images based on it. For example, you can copy the prompt code of an image or upload it to midjourney to generate similar artwork.Moreover, we can also use free copyrighted images to design original fashion T-shirts. Recently Chatgpt is very popular, we can select an image from the material library and add text to design a fashion T-shirt. And, you can also use Openai ICONS and make a T-shirt very simple.

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3,After designing clothing items, you’ll need to set up your store, including your store icon, cover, and a detailed store description. A comprehensive store description can attract more attention and orders.

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Finally, you’ll need to add a payment method to receive your earnings. Redbubble supports payment options like PayPal and bank transfers, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of AI technology, the possibilities for innovation are boundless. AI’s transformative power has not only captured the attention of tech giants but has also trickled down to various industries, most notably the internet sector. As AI takes the center stage in 2023, concepts like AIGC, powered by ChatGPT and midjourney, are driving new trends and sparking creativity across the globe.

One such creative avenue is the monetization of AI-generated art through Print-on-Demand platforms. These platforms, like Redbubble, offer artists from all backgrounds the opportunity to turn their AI art into a profitable venture. With the right tools and guidance, even individuals without prior artistic skills can create original and market-ready artwork. As we navigate the future of AI technology, opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship continue to expand, making AI-driven creativity more accessible and rewarding than ever before.