5 AI Tools to Enhance and Upscale Your Image Quality

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When creating artwork with AI tools like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, the generated images often have lower resolutions. To sell your work on image platforms or offer your designs on Pod websites, you need high-resolution images. To achieve higher resolutions, you usually require a more powerful graphics card or need to upscale lower-resolution images. For most users, I recommend utilizing free AI image upscaling tools for intelligent image enhancement and enlargement. Today, I’ll introduce five straightforward and user-friendly image enhancement tools.

Code Former ReplicateImglargerBigjpgUpscale.MediaAimages


1,Tool One – Code Former Replicate:

Replicate is an intriguing website where you can explore pre-deployed open-source models. These include various open-source language models, such as Stable Diffusion, open-source text-to-image models, and a variety of image upscaling enhancement models. Taking the Codeformer model as an example, it excels in repairing portraits and has received acclaim on GitHub with 7.9K stars. Sample images provided by the official source showcase Codeformer’s strong portrait restoration capabilities and its ability to intelligently enhance and perfect facial features.

image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7

You can use this tool by logging in with your GitHub account. If you don’t have an account, you can easily register for a free GitHub account through the provided link.


Now, let’s upload an image and select default parameters, like a 4x upscale. The system will then enlarge a blurry image, and you’ll notice significant improvements in facial clarity following AI processing.


Maintaining the same settings, you can upload a digital portrait generated by Stable Diffusion, and the results are quite impressive.


Additionally, Codeformer supports high-resolution image enhancement. Upload a clear anime character image, and the system will optimize image details, resulting in finely detailed facial features.


In addition to using this model in Replicate, you can also run it on Google Colab and Hugging Face Space. Visit Codeformer’s GitHub page via the provided link to access the tool. However, please note that Hugging Face Space may have slower performance. Therefore, I recommend using Replicate or Google Colab to run this model.

image12 image13 image14

2,Tool Two – Imglarger:

Imglarger is an all-in-one image processing website that offers features such as image enhancement, enlargement, background removal, and cartoon avatar creation. Begin by registering for a free account using your email. After registration, clicking the confirmation link sent to your email completes the process. Once logged in, you can change the language to Chinese by selecting the Language option in the upper right corner. Check your account status by clicking on Account Info; free accounts receive 8 points of credit per month.

image15 image16 image17 image18 image19

Now, let’s use the first tool for image enhancement and enlargement. Click the blue button to upload an image, choose to upscale by two or four times, and click Start. Once the enlargement is complete, you’ll receive the image download link in your email. By clicking the Edit button, you can edit images directly online. The difference between the original and enlarged images is quite noticeable.

image20 image21 image22

Imglarger also enables you to enhance 16k anime images. Upload an image and wait for a moment; you can then download the enhanced image locally. The enhanced image exhibits significant improvements in detail, though this operation consumes 1 credit point.

image23 image24

Furthermore, Imglarger offers an AI BG Remover tool for easy object removal, Face Retouching for portrait enhancement, and Ai Cartoonizer for creating cartoon avatars.

image25 image26 image27

Imglarger provides both free and paid plans. Free accounts receive 8 points of credit per month. If you require more credits, you can also use Imglarger’s Upscaler tool, which supports up to 400% enlargement for JPG and PNG images and provides 5 free credits per week. The operation is straightforward.

image28 image29

3,Tool Three – Bigjpg:

Bigjpg has a straightforward interface but offers powerful functionality. It utilizes deep convolutional neural network technology to enhance the noisy and jagged parts of images and can enlarge images up to 16 times without quality loss. Bigjpg is compatible with various platforms and mobile devices. For the web version, click the Upload button to upload an anime image, choose enlargement options including image type, upscale factor, and noise reduction level, and then click Confirm. After a short wait, you’ll have a repaired and enlarged image. Comparing the before and after images, you can see that the AI-processed image is significantly clearer.

image30 image31 image32 image33image34

Bigjpg also provides a Magic Eraser function to intelligently remove objects from images and Big Mp4 for video quality enhancement, slow motion, black and white coloring, AI frame interpolation, and more.

image35 image36

4,Tool Four – Upscale.Media:

This application from Pixelbin supports both web and mobile platforms. Using Upscale.Media is straightforward. Click the Upload button, and the system will automatically enhance the image. Upscale provides ample free credits for free users. Interested users can also utilize this tool.

image37 image38 image39

5,Tool Four – Aimages

Finally, I recommend a powerful tool called Aimages,  In terms of image processing, it supports up to 4x resolution increase, upscales PNG images without loss, and offers features such as color restoration, intelligent noise reduction, FPS enhancement, and facial enhancement.moreover,Aimages supports video enhancement and enlargement also. Aimages offers robust cloud GPU services that can process over hundreds of video segments quickly.

image40 image41 image42 image43 image44image45


In a word, these 5 AI tools empower you to take your images to the next level. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or content creator, these tools can help you achieve the high-resolution, top-quality results you need to stand out. Boost your image quality effortlessly with these user-friendly solutions.