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In the era of maturing artificial intelligence technology, video content creation has become more accessible and efficient than ever before. Discover how you can harness the power of AI to streamline your video production process. For example, we can use ChatGPT to write video scripts, Photoshop to change character outfits, and tools like D-ID to animate digital avatars. In addition, we can use text-to-speech tools to record audio. However, this process requires the use of many software tools, and making a video can be time-consuming. To further improve video production efficiency, many websites have introduced all-in-one video production services that integrate multiple AI tools. Today, we will explore Kreado and Heygen, two highly-rated all-in-one platforms for crafting custom virtual sales hosts. In this article, we’ll delve into the features, benefits, and usage of these platforms, helping you make an informed choice for your video content needs.

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1,Kreado:Your AI-Driven Video Production Hub

Kreado is a free and user-friendly tool suitable for foreign trade and international businesses to create high-quality digital sales videos and virtual hosts. Kreado offers over sixty virtual hosts from various countries and integrates more than a hundred professional voice narration functions from Microsoft Azure API. You can register by clicking the registration button and use your email to create an account. In the backend, Kreado offers several functions, including voice-over video creation, marketing copy generation, text-to-speech, and AI models.

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Voice-Over Video Production:

For the first function, voice-over video, you can choose a virtual character from the host list, select the video aspect ratio on the right, choose a language such as English or Mandarin Chinese, select a male or female voice actor, and pick a tone style (happy, calm, serious, etc.). Enter the text you want to be narrated in the text content section. Click the “AI Recommended Copy” in the top right corner, enter keywords like:A certain brand of wig, and it will generate three sets of copy. Select one you like, Now click to listen to the text: Gold wig is a high quality wig product that can help you achieve amazing hairstyle changes,and after confirming, click the “Generate Video” button in the top right corner. After a few minutes, the system will generate a video. Preview the video’s playback effect, and you can also add a background to the video by removing the green screen. You can repeat this process to choose different voice actors.

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AI-Recommended Copywriting:

For the second function, AI copy generation, you can select a language (Chinese, English, etc.), enter keywords and copy descriptions (e.g., a specific brand of sports shoes), and choose the word count (200 to 500 words). Click the “Generate” button, and the system will produce three sets of content.

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The third function is text-to-speech. Kreado offers free text-to-speech functionality, allowing you to select the language, voice style, adjust tone and playback speed, Enter a piece of text content to complete the text-to-speech,  and then download the synthesized audio from “My Projects.”

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AI Models:

The fourth function is AI models. Custom models can try on various types of products. If you frequently use short videos for sales, this feature can help save costs by eliminating the need for hiring models. Currently, Kreado offers a try-on service for wigs and headbands, with plans to introduce clothing color changes, glasses models, and makeup models in the future.

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2,Heygen:Your Professional AI Business Video Platform

Heygen is a professional AI video production website that offers over a hundred virtual female hosts, more than forty languages, and three hundred voice actors. Even if you have no experience, you can create professional virtual character videos through this website. Heygen provides various application scenarios for educational advertisements, news, and more. It also offers text-to-video with high-definition output and diverse design materials and templates.

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Text-to-Video Conversion:

Click the “Free Trial” button, use your email and social media accounts to log in, and then select the “PDF, PPT to Video” function. Simply upload your prepared text to convert it into a video.

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URL Video:

For the “URL Video” function, enter your Amazon product link to get a promotional video. You can also choose from various templates by clicking “Start with Templates” and select your preferred virtual host by clicking “Start with Avatar.”

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Avatar Pro:

AvatarPro offers an AI OUTFIT feature to change the host’s clothing. Select monoca anchor, enter any text command, click save button and wait a few seconds to complete the costume replacement. Select a costume from the four images generated and click Save. Return to Avatar Pro to apply the costume.

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Avatar Lite:

Avatar Lite allows you to create your virtual character by recording a two-minute video with your webcam,In the column Taking photos, you can also upload an image or use the text to image tool provided by HEYGEN to generate portraits of characters. Select an image and click submit button to realize the dynamic character of static characters. Click Play button to preview the effect, which is still very good.

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After getting familiar with Heygen’s functions, you can start making a video by clicking “Create Video” in the top right corner. Choose between landscape or portrait orientation and select a template from the left panel. You can adjust the character’s size and position, edit the text content, and add images and video materials. In portrait mode, you can select a template for creating short vertical videos. The provided example is a simple news report: “Now, it’s time for the Google Developer Conference, focusing on a shared future with developers and partners, using the power of technology to break through imagination and create a better tomorrow. Join us now for cutting-edge product information and tech trend insights.” The playback effect is good, and if you want to remove the watermark, you’ll need to pay a certain fee.

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As the digital landscape continues to evolve, AI-powered video production tools like Kreado and Heygen offer innovative solutions for content creators. These platforms enable you to optimize your video production process, improve engagement, and save time and resources. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just getting started, integrating AI into your content creation workflow can give you a competitive edge in the ever-growing digital sphere. Stay ahead of the curve and unlock the potential of AI for your video content needs with these powerful tools.