Creating Lofi Music Using AI: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Music enthusiasts, especially those who love life, often find solace in the melodies and rhythms of different genres. Among the most popular and profitable channels on YouTube are those dedicated to music. In this article, we explore the captivating world of Lofi music and present a step-by-step guide on how to create your own Lofi tunes effortlessly using artificial intelligence. Imagine producing original, copyright-free, and commercially usable music with a dynamic looping animation, all ready for publication on YouTube. In today’s digital age, music creators can also share their original compositions with a global audience through platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and Twitch. Let’s dive into the fascinating realm of Lofi music and its creation using AI tools.

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1,The Allure of Lofi Music

The world of music spans various genres, and Lofi hiphop music is an emerging concept that blends elements of lo-fi, jazz, and hip-hop, making it perfect for listening while working or studying. Lofi, short for Low Fidelity (opposite to hi-fi, high fidelity), is a kind of DIY music characterized by the deliberate use of low-quality or faulty sound equipment, creating a unique blend of relaxation and imperfect charm. Research has shown that listening to Lofi music can help focus attention, as most songs lack lyrics that might distract the listener. Lofi hiphop and chill hiphop often incorporate a layer of continuous background noise, such as tape or vinyl crackling, creating a textured, consistent auditory environment akin to white noise. Besides blocking out external distractions, this music offers a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

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2,Exploring Lofi Music on YouTube

To explore this genre further, you can find many Lofi music channels on YouTube. One channel, “lofi vibes,” for instance, generates substantial monthly revenue, with statistics from Social Blade indicating earnings of up to $1,400 monthly. Lofi music videos typically consist of music paired with 2D animated visuals. However, many may feel unfamiliar with music production and may not be adept at using music editing software. Moreover, uploading unauthorized music to YouTube can lead to copyright claims and content takedowns. To balance copyright concerns with music quality, we can leverage more accessible AI tools to create music. In the following sections, we will discuss how to create Lofi music.

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3,Introducing AI Music Production with Soundraw

As AI technology advances, using AI-generated art for video and music production has become a growing trend. Various AI tools are available, covering AI drawing, video production, and music creation. In this context, let’s explore Soundraw, an AI-based music production tool and its usage. Soundraw is a website for music production based on AI technology. It allows you to choose music styles with a simple click, generating music that is free of copyright restrictions and available for commercial use. Note that music editing in Soundraw requires the Google Chrome browser for proper functionality. If you don’t have Chrome installed, you can download the latest version from Google.

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4,Understanding Soundraw’s Copyright Policies

Before diving into music creation, it’s essential to understand Soundraw’s copyright policies, licensing, and downloading procedures. Many websites offering royalty-free music downloads provide limited, uneditable audio files. Soundraw distinguishes itself by offering an extensive library of materials that you can freely edit to create unique pieces. There are no restrictions on music length. In terms of copyright, Soundraw holds the rights to its music materials, while creators have partial rights. By adding a track to your favorites, you receive permanent authorization to use your self-produced music on YouTube, social media, and for commercial purposes. Even if you exit your Soundraw membership, you can continue using the music. Soundraw also guarantees that its music will not cause any copyright disputes. In case of copyright issues, Soundraw assists members in providing legal proof. Soundraw’s service fee is $19.9 per month, with discounts available for annual payments. If you’re interested in using Soundraw, you can search for “Soundraw Coupon Code” on Google to find more discounts.

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5,Crafting Lofi Music with Soundraw

With a basic understanding of Soundraw, we can now begin creating music.

(1)Choosing Your Music Mood

Go to the “Star for free” page on the Soundraw website. In the “mood” section, choose one or more music moods. For example, you can select “chill” and “relaxing.”

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(2)Selecting Styles and Genres

Next, pick a music style and genre, such as “chill beats.” Adjust the playback speed, add or remove instruments, and set the music’s length. Click “create music,” and the system will generate multiple pieces of music based on your settings.

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(3)Customizing Your Music Pieces

You can download the music directly to your computer or click “edit this music” on the right side to make modifications. Click the play button on the left to listen to a segment of music, and then click the “edit” button to access the editing page. Here, you can adjust the BPM (beats per minute), change instrument types, keys, and adjust volume levels as needed.

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(4)Downloading and Editing Your Tracks

You can also use the grid at the bottom to modify the music’s rhythm.Once you’ve finished editing, click “save” to download the music to your computer. By following these steps, you can create multiple pieces of Lofi music for downloading.

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6,Enhancing and Sharing Your Lofi Music Video

To complete your music video, you’ll need professional animation to match your music style. Blender is a software application for designing animations. If you’re not familiar with Blender, you can hire a professional through platforms like Fiverr to create animations tailored to your music. Once you have both the music and animations, use video editing software to combine them and create a looping music video. Afterward, upload your music video to YouTube.

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In a world where music transcends boundaries and cultures, Lofi music stands as a genre that finds its roots in simplicity, imperfection, and authenticity. Thanks to the advances in AI technology, creating your own Lofi melodies has never been easier. With tools like Soundraw, you can explore music moods, styles, and genres to design your original compositions. This newfound creativity, paired with the captivating world of animations and video production, empowers you to craft Lofi music videos for a global audienceand share your harmonious creations on platforms like YouTube, where the world awaits your unique melodies.