Creating Profitable YouTube Music Channels with Aiva

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The Melodic Allure of YouTube: A Look at the Popularity of Music Channels

In the ever-evolving world of YouTube, music holds a special place. Relaxation, meditation, and Lofi music have become some of the most beloved and sought-after genres on the platform. For music enthusiasts, like playing rhythmic tunes during work can enhance focus and instill a sense of calm. These music programs are typically long in duration, often playing continuously for several hours or even longer, allowing music channels to effortlessly accumulate watch time and subscribers. This, in turn, results in a swift eligibility period for YouTube ad revenue. Therefore, if you’re seeking to establish a profitable YouTube channel in the shortest time, the simplest route is by creating a music-focused channel.In this article, we will delve into the vast potential of music channels on YouTube. We will explore the challenges posed by copyright issues and introduce you to a game-changing solution – Aiva, an AI-driven music creation tool designed to simplify the process of music production for everyone.

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The Copyright Conundrum: Challenges in Music Content Creation

However, YouTube has stringent copyright management for music-related content. The use of unlicensed music for video creation can lead to warnings from YouTube, and your content may be taken down due to copyright violations. For the majority of creators, making music can be a challenge, making it necessary to obtain authorization even for channels of any music genre. To address the issues of original music creation and copyright concerns, Aiva offers an AI-driven data service. Whether you have a background in music or not, Aiva makes it easy to produce a wide variety of music types, all while ensuring you have music copyrights. In today’s program, I’ll walk you through how to create music videos using Aiva, an artificial intelligence-based music production website, and share tips on how to generate income through a YouTube music channel.

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Aiva: Your Creative Melody Maker

Before we begin, you’ll need to register for an account. Visit and click the “Create Account” button in the center of the screen. You can choose to create a new account or simply log in with your Google account. Once you’ve completed the registration, you’re ready to start creating music. Click on the “Create Track” option located at the top left of the page. In the “Presets Styles” section, you can select your preferred musical style, such as lofi, jazz, cyberpunk, meditation, and other commonly used styles. For example, you can opt for the lofi style and choose a cheerful mood. You can also specify the duration, which can extend up to five and a half minutes, and select up to five songs. Once these settings are in place, click “Create Your Tracks.” Aiva will then craft music according to your preferences, and the resulting music will appear in your playlist. To preview the music, click the play button. You have the option to either download the music or continue editing it.

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Moreover, you can upload local music files to Aiva and edit them based on existing tracks. In the “Presets Styles” section, you can choose the “Advanced View” to adjust key, tone, duration, and the number of tracks. After these configurations are complete, click “Generate Music” to return to your playlist, where you can once again play the music you’ve generated.

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Aiva also provides a professional music editor. In the editor, you can incorporate background music, fine-tune the music’s pitch, and fashion unique music content to your liking. Aiva even features a distinctive category: Chinese-style music, enabling you to create works infused with Chinese musical elements.

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Once you’ve grasped the workings of Aiva, you’ll be capable of crafting music.You can also install software on your PC/ Mac/ Linux system and design music on the desktop, It’s worth noting that Aiva isn’t entirely free. As the pricing table illustrates, the free version has numerous limitations, allowing for just three downloads per month and without authorization. To profit from uploading music on YouTube, it’s necessary to subscribe to the standard package, which costs 11 euros per month. For those with a substantial need for music and a desire for full music copyrights, there’s the premium account, available at 33 euros per month. For most YouTubers, the standard package suffices for making music videos and generating income.

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Alternative AI Music Creation Tools

Beyond Aiva, you can also explore other AI music composition software like Amper Music and Soundraw to create music. For instance, Amper Music is a renowned AI composition website under Shutterstock. Amper Music’s operation is straightforward: configure the time, select a preset style, and let the system automatically generate the corresponding song. In addition, Amper also supports the addition of video content that matches the music, so we can experience the actual playing effect. After the creation of the song, if you want to use this music to make money on YouTube, you need to buy a personal license. The cost of each song is about 5 dollars,In addition to these two websites, if you aim to produce high-quality music videos, consider trying Artlist. Artlist offers a vast music library for YouTube content creators. By choosing the Lofi Chill Beats genre, you can download unlimited high-quality Lofi music for creating YouTube music videos. Artlist additionally provides 4K high-definition video materials, sound effects, and video effect templates to facilitate video production. Artlist’s pricing starts at $9.9 per month, and users can download an unlimited amount of audio and video materials, ultimately generating income through social media platforms like YouTube.

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Ensuring Copyright Compliance and Success

Whether your content primarily comprises original music or downloaded materials from libraries, it’s essential to ensure your music content is free from copyright disputes. Otherwise, your video content could risk copyright infringement, potentially disrupting the regular operations of your channel.



Regardless of your level of musical expertise, you can be a creator on YouTube. Music, whether original or sourced from libraries, can become the cornerstone of a successful channel. To build your music-centric YouTube presence, you must navigate copyright regulations, but tools like Aiva simplify this process. Moreover, Aiva offers the ability to craft unique, AI-generated music that’s free from copyright concerns. Aspiring musicians and content creators, even those without any musical background, can now contribute to the rich tapestry of YouTube’s music community. Whether your passion lies in crafting chill beats or cinematic soundscapes, Aiva and AI music tools empower you to make your mark on YouTube and convert that passion into a source of steady income. So, let your melodies soar, and may your YouTube channel find a harmonious path to success.