7 AI Tools to Boost Productivity and Create Opportunities

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With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, industries across the board, including the internet, are experiencing unprecedented transformations. Some industries that involve repetitive tasks and lack innovation are poised to be entirely replaced by AI in the near future. today, I have handpicked seven fascinating AI tools and outlined their applications. By mastering these tools, you can gain a competitive edge, create value, and potentially amass wealth.

Character.AiJenni AiDream FusionResumaker.AiBedtimestory.AiVoice.AiDonotpay

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1,Character.Ai: Crafting Virtual Conversational Characters

Despite the worldwide popularity of Chat GPT, the website’s servers often experience congestion, affecting the user experience. Furthermore, after being acquired by Microsoft, it introduced a paid subscription plan. Consequently, users have been on the lookout for a reliable alternative to freely use AI chat tools. Character Ai emerges as an excellent choice. While Character is still in its testing phase, its gameplay differs significantly from Chat GPT. Not only can you chat with historical and famous figures, but you can also craft a personalized virtual character, making it highly engaging.

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Upon visiting Character’s homepage, you’ll encounter numerous familiar personalities, including Musk, Hunter, Biden, Einstein, as well as movie stars, virtual streamers, and anime characters. To engage in conversations with virtual personas, you need to create an account. By clicking the “Register” button in the upper right corner, you can log in using your Google or Facebook credentials. After selecting a username and agreeing to the terms, you can enter the world of Character. For instance, if you wish to chat with the virtual U.S. President Biden, simply click on his avatar. In the dialogue box below, pose a question like “Who Will Be The Next US President?” The virtual president will provide you with a list of 2024 election candidates, including Biden’s long-standing rival, Trump.

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Beyond its chat functions, you can also fashion any virtual character, be it a historical figure, a famous celebrity, or even your own persona. You can consider Character as a more specialized AI chat tool. Should you seek answers to psychological questions, you can engage in direct conversations with a psychologist and swiftly receive precise responses.

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2,Jenni Ai: Your AI Paper Writing Assistant

While there’s already a plethora of AI writing tools available, Jenni specializes in paper writing. It can autonomously generate 90% non-duplicate content while identifying relevant literature sources. It not only boasts a unique AI writing model but also integrates the state-of-the-art GPT-3 model. Furthermore, Jenni features a built-in plagiarism checker to ensure the originality of your papers. If you’ve tackled the challenges of crafting a graduation thesis, you’ll recognize the significance of Jenni. With this tool at your disposal, your thesis writing efficiency will dramatically increase, and you’ll avoid any issues related to duplicated content. It’s indeed a boon for university students.

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Jenni also supports Google login. If you’re a university student, you can opt for the first option. Additionally, you can specify your educational level. Even if you’re a postdoctoral researcher, you can employ this tool to assist with your paper writing. As an example, consider the field of architecture. You can input your paper’s Chinese title, and the system will automatically recognize the language and generate paper content. Upon reviewing the generated content, you’ll notice the paper’s clear logical structure. Jenni’s operation is straightforward, allowing you to efficiently complete your writing tasks, including adding or deleting content. In summary, with Jenni’s assistance, the composition of this article has become considerably simpler.

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3,Dream Fusion: AI-Powered 3D Modeling

Models based on Dall-E 2, predominantly used for drawing, can generate two-dimensional images based on text descriptions but fall short in generating 3D models. Developing a Text-to-3D model is an exceptionally challenging task, and this technology remains experimental. Well-established text-to-3D tools include Dream Fusion, Nvidia Magic 3D, and others.

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To illustrate Dream Fusion, you can select keywords like “Wooden Squirrel,” choose clothing and actions, and witness live demonstrations. Given that Dream Fusion is still in its development phase, you cannot yet customize keywords for 3D modeling. Interested users can explore this aspect further.

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4,Resumaker.Ai: Effortless Resume Generation

A professionally crafted resume can set you apart from the crowd of job applicants, whether in China or abroad. In previous episodes, I’ve shared insights into resume design techniques, emphasizing template selection and basic customization. If you visit Fiverr, you’ll notice that resume design services remain in high demand. Resumaker is an AI tool dedicated to generating resumes in mere seconds.

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Begin by visiting Resumaker.Ai and selecting a template that appeals to you. Next, provide your name and email, and proceed to fill in your work experience, skills, and education. Once all details are accurate, click “Download.” Should you desire further customization, you can adjust the resume’s color and style. With Resumaker, job seekers no longer need to pay for professional resume design services; simply add your basic information to promptly generate a polished job application template.

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5,Bedtimestory.Ai: Personalized AI Bedtime Stories

The concept of storytelling through robots is not novel, but Bedtimestory introduces an innovative twist: story customization. For instance, if your child’s name is Jack, you can tailor an adventure story featuring Jack and the Beanstalk. Think of Bedtimestory as an indispensable parenting tool, alleviating the burden of selecting story themes for parents.

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Bedtimestory is exceedingly user-friendly, akin to Chat GPT. You need only input the story title, and the system will generate a vivid story replete with corresponding illustrations. Thanks to this tool, every parent can effortlessly become a master storyteller.

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6,Voice.Ai: Transform Your Voice with AI

Voice.Ai serves as a real-time voice converter, offering features such as Voice Universe and voice cloning. To utilize Voice.Ai, you’ll require a microphone. The software provides both desktop and mobile applications; it cannot be accessed via web browsers. After downloading and installing the software, register a new account and confirm your registration by copying the verification code from your email.

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Once logged in, connect your microphone and click on the central avatar to choose the voice of any character. For example, you can experiment with the voices of Musk, Biden, and various anime characters. Select a character, click “Train,” and the system will download the character’s voice source to your local device. Now, open your microphone and begin recording. The system will instantly transform your voice into the selected character’s voice. With this software, you can converse in the voices of the U.S. President and the world’s wealthiest individuals.

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7,Donotpay: Your Robot Lawyer

Donotpay, also known as the world’s first robot lawyer, was founded by Joshua Browder of Stanford. Its mission is to make professional legal advice accessible to all. Donotpay offers free legal assistance through a straightforward and user-friendly chat interface. It can aid with tasks ranging from completing immigration applications for the U.S. and Canada to providing various forms of legal counsel and assistance with litigation and appeals.

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These seven AI tools are gateways to enhanced productivity, value creation, and opportunities. Embrace the future of technology with these innovative solutions.Hope that you can use these websites flexibly to improve work efficiency and potentially generate various types of income.