3 AI-Powered Online Design Tools: Simplifying Processes, Boosting Efficiency

3 online design tools

As AI technology evolves, a new technological revolution is unfolding within the internet industry. Artificial intelligence not only significantly enhances work efficiency but also eliminates outdated technologies. Consider the globally renowned online design tool Canva, for instance. To stay ahead of the times, Canva promptly integrated a text-to-image feature.


Upon entering Canva, create a new blank canvas and click on “Text To Image” in the lower left corner to experience this feature.


Meanwhile, Microsoft introduced a new product in 2022: Microsoft Designer, an AI design software. The impressive demo animations exude Microsoft’s confidence in this futuristic design tool. Microsoft Designer not only offers text-to-image capabilities but also integrates a human-computer interaction system akin to ChatGPT. Leveraging the DALL-E2 model, this tool makes various graphic design tasks effortless. It’s anticipated that Microsoft Designer will eventually become part of the Office 365 family. Currently in internal testing, those interested can join the waiting list.


Actions by tech giants like Adobe, Microsoft, and Google in recent times indicate the widespread application of AI technology in search engines, website design software development, and graphic design. Apart from unlisted applications and software, there are numerous powerful online design tools available. Today, I’d like to introduce three simple and user-friendly websites.


1. Designs.Ai

Designs.Ai is an AI-powered online design platform where you can easily create logos, videos, images, audio, and more. Compared to traditional online design tools like Canva, Designs.Ai also includes a text-to-speech feature and a copywriting function.


Upon visiting Designs.Ai, click on the “Free Trial” button in the upper left corner and log in using your social media account to access the dashboard. From there, you’ll encounter various design modules.


For instance, the Copywriter module (Item 1) lets you input a command like “10 Tips To Get More Traffic To My YouTube Channel,” generating three YouTube traffic advice suggestions. Due to character limits, you can also use this function as a simplified version of ChatGPT.


In the Videomaker category, the “Text To Video” option allows you to create videos from text. Input a prepared script, choose the language type and voice actor, and the system automatically produces a video complete with subtitles and voiceover.


The sidebar provides access to a plethora of high-definition video materials, fonts, graphics, and background music. After selecting a segment, you can customize it to your satisfaction.


Moreover, Designs.Ai offers an “Illustrations” feature, providing exquisite design and vector graphics for free users. You can edit and even use these images for commercial purposes.select an image and click the “Edit” button in the upper right corner. On the right side, you can choose the image’s size, such as proportions suitable for various social media networks. By clicking on the “Text” option on the left, you can add text. In the toolbar, you can also select filters, stickers, and background removal. Once editing is complete, click “Save to Local” to save the edited image to your device.


Besides, the “Speech Maker” feature facilitates text-to-speech conversion. By selecting a Chinese voice actor and inputting text in the dialogue box, you can transform text into audio files.Furthermore, you can select different language options and save the generated speech to your computer.



The “Graphic Maker ” feature of Designs is also highly practical. By selecting the “Flat Geometric Set” category, you can design an engaging 404 image and customize it with your preferred colors. Even if you’re using a free account, you can save the image and use it for commercial purposes.


Apart from the mentioned modes, Designs offers numerous unique features that you can explore and try out on your own.

2. Uizard.io

Uizard.io is an online no-code software development tool powered by AI. With Uizard, anyone can complete UI design by dragging and dropping templates and components, creating UI designs in minutes. It also employs AI technology to quickly scan product design sketches and convert them into finished software. Uizard finds versatile applications, making it easy to design landing pages, websites, and applications.


By clicking the “Signup For Free” option in the upper right corner and using your Google account, you can access the dashboard. There, you’ll discover various design templates for different purposes.


You can select an Email App design template and enter the design interface where you can replace and modify elements. The various settings are straightforward. If you’re planning to engage in or are currently involved in software interface design, Uizard’s website offers a vast collection of templates and design materials to help you easily complete various types of interface designs.


3. TensorPix(Aimages)

Users familiar with text-to-image tools know that generating high-resolution images requires substantial GPU resources. Even with an upgraded Midjourney premium account, the highest resolution you can output is 2K. To obtain higher-resolution images, consider using image quality enhancement tools like Aimages. This user-friendly video and image enhancement tool enhances quality.

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Upon visiting Aimages.Ai and registering an account with your email, you’ll receive free credits. After logging in, you’ll encounter four options:

Video Enhancer: Enhances video quality. Select and upload a video, then choose enhancement options like noise reduction, blur enhancement, color restoration, and quadruple frame rate enhancement. For most videos, resolution enhancement is suitable.


Images Enhancer: Enhances image quality. Upload an image and choose the 4x resolution enhancement format (e.g., PNG) to improve quality and resolution.


Artistai: A text-to-image tool. Input descriptive text, specify the number, speed, and size of images to generate, then click “Generate.” The system will produce a set of images.


Magicstock: Generates images based on simple descriptions. For example, entering “T-Shirt With Cute Cat” will yield a T-shirt with a cute cat pattern.


In summary, the advancement of AI technology has led to the creation of innovative tools that simplify various tasks, from image editing and video creation to text-to-speech conversion and UI design. These online tools empower users with diverse capabilities, ultimately increasing efficiency and productivity.