7 New AI Tools Review of  Powered by GPT-4 

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In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, cutting-edge tools are emerging at an unprecedented pace, Among them are Midjourney V5 ,chatgpt and Microsoft Copilot,reshaping the way we work, interact, and create. With the advent of GPT-4 technology, we find ourselves at the threshold of AI innovation like never before. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore seven recently released remarkable AI tools that leverage GPT-4’s capabilities. From revolutionizing smart offices to enhancing chatbots, from refining AI imaging to simplifying PDF interactions, these tools are at the forefront of technological advancement.

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1,Microsoft 365 Copilot: Revolutionizing Office Workflows

On March 17, 2023, Microsoft announced Copilot, an intelligent plugin based on the GPT platform. This ingenious tool is set to be seamlessly integrated into Microsoft’s suite of software, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Think of Copilot as akin to Notion and ChatGPT, but with the added benefit of boosting productivity.According to Microsoft, Copilo has the following uses:

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It can swiftly generate documents from drafts, transform Word documents into PowerPoint presentations, and more. Currently in the testing phase, Copilot is poised to become a valuable addition to the Office suite in the near future.

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2,2short.Ai: Crafting YouTube Shorts with Ease

For YouTubers seeking swift video editing solutions, 2short is the answer. This web tool harnesses the power of AI to intelligently snip captivating segments from lengthy YouTube videos, enabling content creators to craft short, engaging videos in mere seconds.It can not only save the time of the creator but also ensure the quality of the video.

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Click the free trial button to make a short video, first paste the address of the video you want to edit into the address bar, for example, Good Morning America’s interview with Openaiceo Sam Altman will generate multiple short videos less than one minute after a simple analysis system. Select one of the clips and click the Edit button to go to the edit page and click Preview to see the video in action

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Click “Setting 2Short” on the right, it also supports the output of 16:9, 1:1, 9:16 resolution Short video, which is suitable for all video platforms and social media. Click “Export” on the upper right corner to export this video to the local. It is worth noting that SHORT does not support online editing yet, and the default cropping position is the middle of the screen. Short is currently in the free trial phase and we believe that the future features will be more comprehensive

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3,Chatbotkit: Tailored AI Chatbots for Everyone

Chatbotkit is a simple and easy to use Ai robot building kit, whether you are a professional developer or ordinary players who do not know programming can customize intelligent chatbots for their own website mobile App. It can help you build chatbots and customize the data to make the bot your intelligent assistant.

Chatbotkit also supports the latest Gpt model, if you don’t know how to access the Gpt4 Api to your own website, you can use Chatbotkit service to easily build your own chatbot.

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4,Askyourpdf: Interactive PDF Engagement

Askyourpdf offers an intriguing way to interact with PDF files, facilitating swift navigation and content extraction. Upload an ebook in Pdf format called The Gifts Of Imperfection. After uploading the ebook, the system automatically identifies the author, content, price, etc. Below is a list of questions you might want to ask. What is the main content of this book? The system will give a summary text in Chinese. Since the image reading function of Gpt model has not yet been launched, this website can be used as an alternative and can be used to read and learn Pdf files very convenient.

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5,Finalscout: Efficient LinkedIn Outreach

Finalscout is a browser plugin powered by GPT-4, designed to streamline the process of obtaining email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. It also allows for easy customization of email templates based on the type of LinkedIn contact, making it a valuable tool for LinkedIn users.Click on the free trial to sign in directly with your Google account, install the Finalscout plugin into your browser, and the contact’s email address will automatically appear at the bottom when you use the ringtone. Log in to the background and search for Openai term on the left side, we can easily find the emails of Openai co-founder Greg Brockman and key members of the company. who often use linkedin can try this efficient tool

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6,Beautiful.Ai: Crafting Professional Presentations with Ease

With a user base exceeding one million worldwide, Beautiful.Ai simplifies the creation of professional presentations and PPTs using AI technology. Users can select from a range of design templates, edit content, choose various chart and curve templates, and input text. The system swiftly matches extensive image materials, enabling users to effortlessly create dynamic charts and presentations.If you want the easiest way to create a professional presentation, Beautiful.AI is the way to go.

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7,Deepimage: AI-Powered Image Enhancement

Deepimage is a user-friendly AI image enhancement tool that can upscale images by up to four times, all with free usage. This tool is particularly valuable for digital artists, as it can enhance and refine blurry digital images. Sign in with your Google account and upload an image and set up a bar on the right where you can choose between two and four times the size of the image,Users have the option to adjust resolution, intelligently remove noise, sharpen, enhance colors, remove backgrounds, and choose from various formats.Click wait a few seconds after the system will complete the image enhancement Click download.

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Here I tested Deepimage’s background removal function, and from the generated image, you can see that Deepimage handles hair details very well, which can be said to be one of the best Ai background removal tools, but if you want to use this feature and remove the watermark, You have to pay a fee to buy different amounts of points and the price is different, starting at $1.99 and nine dollars, users can enjoy more services.

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As our exploration of these seven groundbreaking AI tools powered by GPT-4 technology comes to an end, it’s evident that we stand on the brink of an AI-driven future filled with endless possibilities. From Microsoft 365 Copilot streamlining office tasks to 2short.Ai simplifying video editing for content creators, and Chatbotkit.com enabling customized chatbots for websites, these tools signify the relentless march of AI innovation. Askyourpdf’s interactive PDF experiences, Finalscout’s efficiency in customer outreach, Beautiful Ai’s effortless presentation creation, and Deepimage’s image enhancement capabilities further solidify AI’s transformative influence. Keep an eye on this ever-evolving landscape as we continue to witness new AI solutions pushing boundaries and changing the game. Stay tuned for more updates on the AI tools reshaping our world. The future is AI, and it’s happening now.